Tom’s Kaffeerösterei

Address: Ladenstr. 50 14169 Berlin


Phone: +49 30 84722241

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Tom’s Coffee Roastery was opened on May 10, 2014. The unusual location Ladenstraße at the U-Bhf. Onkel Toms Hütte.

In 1932, the station was completed. Even then a rarity to build stores along the railroad tracks and there was already a smell of freshly roasted coffee wafting through the station. Kaffee Otto was the soul of the shopping street for almost 50 years. There are not a few who can still remember it today. Tom’s Coffee Roastery is of course pleased to be able to continue this tradition.

Tom’s Coffee Roastery roasts their coffee in the so-called drum roasting process: especially slowly and at low temperatures (190-230 degrees). Compared to the industrial roasting process, in which several tons of coffee is roasted in 1-2 minutes, at up to 600 degrees. In this process, it is not possible to completely roast out the bitter substances and the so-called chlorogenic acid.

Such as gentle roasting process results in coffee that is very low in acidity and aromatic.