Mykona Kaffee / Kiez Rösterei

Address: Gneisenaustr. 68 10961 Berlin


Phone: +49 030 26321581

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Kiez Rösterei or Mykona Kaffee is a unique one-of-a-kind coffee shop because not only do you find exotic coffee beans from India, Ecuador, Colombia, and Nepal, but you are experiencing a time capsule. They provide Berlin with a glance into the history of coffee.

The owners come from a long family line of coffee connoisseurs. They started collecting antique espresso machines up to 100 years old, substitutes for coffee grinders like mill grinders used when coffee was first introduced in Italy, and various instruments from history that pushed the coffee culture to where it evolved today.

Even more remarkable about this coffee shop is that it could be likely that they have trained your local barista. Granted by the European Specialty Coffee Association, Kiez Rösterei was entrusted with training baristas you will find throughout Berlin. These baristas are recognizably certified and are very knowledgeable about coffee, how it should taste, and where it comes from.


Coffee selection

Espresso Melina

Mykona Kaffee / Kiez Rösterei

Nepal Lekhnat Kaski Organic

Mykona Kaffee / Kiez Rösterei

Espresso Malabar monsooned

Mykona Kaffee / Kiez Rösterei

Espresso KIZ BAR mix

Mykona Kaffee / Kiez Rösterei

Espresso Roasters & Baristi

Mykona Kaffee / Kiez Rösterei