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MishkiYaku is more than coffee. MishkiYaku is a piece of Ecuador.

MishkiYaku, a word from the ecuadorian Kichwa, means “delicious water” and refers to the sugary nectar that the hummingbirds sip from small calyxes with their long, thin beaks. They inhabit almost all regions of Ecuador. They are as diverse as the country itself and are frequent guests of the coffee plantations. Furthermore, in the mythology of the ancient Incas, they are considered the messengers of people’s thoughts and desires.

MishkiYaku imports raw (“green”) Arabica coffee beans with high quality rating (currently the varieties Caturra, Typica and Sidra) from, small selected Ecuadorian plantations to Germany. Here the beans are roasted by David Rozali, an experienced roaster and Q-grader, using the traditional drum roasting method. The distribution takes place via our online store. What is special about our company is the direct trade; the short supply chains, immediate quality control, the targeted roasting of the beans according to their respective characteristics. We ensure sustainable packaging and production and an explosive taste experience.