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Have you ever wondered what climate change has to do with your daily cup of coffee? Did you know that in addition to Arabica and Robusta, there are over 124 known wild coffee types that urgently need to be protected in order to adapt the coffee sector to climate change in the long term? In order to do this HyCoffee leverages consumer behavior to bring about a change in cultivation and sets an example for more climate protection and biodiversity.

The coffee sector needs bold new ideas to be able to offer a livelihood for the many smallholders by 2050, and to continue to preserve your favorite daily beverage! Timothy As a fanatical coffee enthusiast, Timothy always had the dream of becoming a coffee dealer. When he heard a lecture by the Royal Botanic Gardens research institute, which was a study of the extinction of wild coffee species and the effects on global coffee stocks, he began to look at biodiversity in the coffee sector. He actually only came to Timor-Leste to dive, but then he found out that the island is the origin of a wild type of coffee and the idea for HyCoffee was born.

His partner, Sophie, has been working on the subject of adapting agriculture to climate change for several years, including at the United Nations in Timor-Leste, where she immediately fell in love with nature, people and, of course, the coffee of the small island nation. She is convinced that a rethink in the coffee sector is necessary so that it can continue to be a livelihood for smallholders in the future despite climate change.


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