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This passion for coffee really erupted when the ANDRASCHKO KAFFEEMANUFAKTUR was founded in Berlin in 2006. But actually, they had been passionate about coffee since 1979. Back then, Elisabeth und Willy Andraschko – opened a Viennese coffee shop in Berlin. That meant serving coffee of the very highest quality, creating a cosmopolitan atmosphere that inspired artists, intellectuals, creatives, writers, visitors to Berlin, and coffee drinkers in general.

Andraschko no longer serves coffee: instead, they produce it themselves and, as specialist coffee roasters, they are known far and wide for the quality of their product. Andraschko roast coffee from individual farms, larger estates, and cooperatives, tracking down the coffee on their regular trips to the countries of origin, such as southern India, Brazil, or Costa Rica. And because they want to know where the coffee comes from and who grows it, Andraschko makes sure to develop close contacts with the farmers which go way beyond a normal business relationship. This is direct trade! They have been on a regular treasure hunt for more than 15 years now, and have kept returning home with their precious findings.