19grams Alexanderplatz

Address: Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13, 10178 Berlin

Website: https://19grams.coffee/

Phone: +49 30 27577809

Contact email: info@19grams.coffee

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19grams, founded in 2002, distributes Specialty Coffee imported directly from Costa Rica where founder, Sascha, first made connections with the farmers whilst on vacation. 20 years since then, and 19grams is trading directly with coffee producers around the world. 

Direct trade, or distributing coffee without middlemen, is increasingly popular for a sustainable source of Specialty Coffee. Since before direct contact was trending, it was already recognized as the right way to deliver what 19grams is best known for. 

“We work with farmers whose strength and focus lies in the sustainable cultivation and processing of coffee.”

The relationships between 19grams and farmers is key in understanding the production of each coffee cherry, that can be traced back to its tree. This lengthy process ensures quality to the fullest, and the way beans are later developed when roasted. As a tribute to the dedicated farmers, 19grams named their coffees after their respective farmlands. 

Their roasting mantra is richness, clarity, and sweetness. Every coffee cherry must meet 19grams’ standards mainly in these three categories to measure quality and specialty coffee. They have been recognized by the Cup of Excellence initiative.

19grams fresh bean variety is based on seasonal harvest, so we recommend finding your favorites throughout the year.

“We want to help you unlock Specialty Coffee. For many coffee drinkers – especially in Germany – we go beyond the classic idea of Specialty Coffee.”

The richness and flavor in your cup transcends a healthy coffee cherry life-cycle. Their beans are prepared by cafés and home brewers worldwide.



19grams Alex - Café, Kaffeerösterei & Event Location, Karl-Liebknecht Street, Berlin, Germany


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