Filter Coffee Experience


What is the Berlin Roaster Box?

Welcome to the Berlin Roaster Box!

This coffee selection is curated to deliver the finest coffee experiences.

Each box contains three varieties of coffee beans ready for the grind, provided by three different Berlin roasteries.

Indulge this holiday season in a warm, wonderful, and thoughtful delight!

What is in the Berlin Roaster Box?

This Filter Coffee Box is dedicated to introducing a new palette of coffee flavors. It comes with a selection of three coffee bags with whole beans. Coffee beans were light roasted, making them perfect for the filter coffee.

Kiunyu AA

The Kiunyu AA coffee was produced in the Kiunyu Coffee Factory located in the Gichugu division on the southern side of Mount Kenya.

Its taste is vibrant and juicy. Coffee has a syrupy body, packed with complex blackberry and juicy red currant flavor and sparkling raspberry acidity.

Package information

Taste: Blackberry, Raspberry Lemonade, Rose Hip

Variety: Riuru 11, SL-34

Grind: Whole Bean

Package size, g: 200


Aromas of orange, pear, red forest berries, and a flowery undertone reminiscent of chamomile characterize this bean. The blonde roast gives this coffee a lightness reminiscent of tea.

Package information

Taste: Berries, Floral, Orange, Pear

Variety: Typica

Grind: Whole Bean

Package size, g: 250


Colombia variety is the result of the successful hybridization of Caturra with the Timor Hybrid. It has the classic caramel and chocolate taste with hints of cherry, pleasantly sweet, bright, and full-bodied bean with a pleasant and creamy taste.

Package information

Taste: Caramel, Cherry, Chocolate, Sweet

Variety: Colombia

Grind: Whole Bean

Package size, g: 250

It's about an experience and a story.

If you are looking to enrich your coffee experience, then cozy up with the FreshBean Berlin Roaster Box. It is a compelling way to expand your coffee tastes and quench real Specialty Coffee cravings.

We are using recycled cartons and woven green bean sacks that your coffee beans actually arrived to Berlin in.

As part of a community not only of coffee lovers but also dedicated to agricultural conservation and sustainability, FreshBean finds it helpful to know where your coffee beans come from and who is affected by its consumption. Each unit sold contributes direct profit and a stronger chance of longevity to the farms and roasteries that inspired the FreshBean platform.

The Berlin Roaster Box is a great product and a wonderful present for a coffee lover from a thoughtful friend!