Hacienda Misiones Colombia

Address: Engeldamm 30 10179 Berlin

Website: https://cafemisiones.com/

Phone: +49 163 8971550

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Between clouded mountains two hours south of Bogotá, MISIONES Coffee Farm was founded 100 years ago. The farm produced 600 tons of coffee and had hundreds of mules transporting the coffee to the Magdalena River ports. From there it was brought to Germany, England, and the USA. MISIONES is one of the few farms in Colombia to have still intact historic machinery brought from Glasgow, Scotland. The machines have been reconstructed to serve as a museum for coffee experts and enthusiasts.

Processing our coffee

We are giving very special dedication to the processing of our coffees. After carefully picking the beans one by one, and transporting the coffee cherries by mule from the remote steep mountain hills to our processing station (“beneficio”) our coffees are washed with clean mountain water. We are carefully depulping the beans before they go to a fermentation plant, where we can experiment with extended fermentation, anaerobic, and honey processing. Finally, the beans are dried in open bins, to protect their valuable germs plasm. The coffee cherries are used in our compost station to produce rich manure, with the help of Californian worms, who love their sweet meal. The dried beans are transported to a central mill, where their parchment is removed, and where they are selected for size, color, and weight. Packed in grain-pro lined natural fiber bags the green beans are transported to our warehouse in Berlin, Germany.


Warehouse and Showroom

Engeldamm 30, Berlin, Germany