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SIDAMO Ethiopien Kumlachew Kassa

Roastery: KAWA Kaffee Manufaktur

Country of origin: Ethiopia

Process type: Anaerobic Fermentation

Taste: Cacao, Citrus, Tea

Grind: Whole Bean

Package size, g: 250, 500, 1000


Dimtu Coffee specializes in sustainable cultivation, processing and global marketing of high-quality specialty coffees. The organization was founded in 2007 with 370 individual farms and it follows the following principles: trust in quality, transparency and traceability, sustainability and quality assurance. The organization enables the participation of small farms in the region in order to jointly benefit from the advantages of successful coffee marketing and securing income. By integrating the small farms, on the one hand, delivery capacities are secured; to the other andIt is crucial that the cooperating farms generate higher incomes and participate in the sustainable coffee cultivation program. This contributes to strengthening local structures and ecological responsibility. The natural conditions in the growing area of ​​the organization are excellent and are found to be ideal for achieving high-quality coffees with their unique aromas and flavors.

Cultivation area: Tero / Odo Shakiso / Guji Zone
Cultivation area: 151 ha + 986 ha attached farms
Farmer: 145 Cultivation
height: 1808-2128 m above sea level NN
Variety: Guji Sidamo Grade 1 & 2
Soil: Fertile clay soil
Topography: Hilly in the east, mainly flat in the west Harvesting process
: Selective hand picking and sorting of red ripe coffee cherries
Drying: Natural drying by solar heat on drying beds and then on concrete floor
Preparation: Sorting of the coffee beans according to Degree as well as packaging in sacks and VPreparation of the shipment in the processing warehouse in Addis Ababa