Rwanda Muhondo Gakenke District

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The Muhondo Washing Station is located in the northern region of Gakenke District at 1800m altitude. As one of the few washing stations in Rwanda, drying shelves are used here to dry the coffee. After the beans have been pre-sorted on the drying beds, only high quality products end up on the drying shelves. Divided into three shelves each, the beans dry more slowly and are protected from direct sunlight and rain. The two open sides allow the wind to blow cool air onto the coffee and dry it gently.

Muhondo is located in the Gakenke district in the northern region of Rwanda. The weather and soil conditions are ideal for growing coffee. The coffee receives sufficient rain from October to May, grows slowly and thus develops a very special taste profile and a very special body.

In recent years, more and more smallholders from the Muhondo region have invested in coffee. The income they generate enables them to solve many of their problems, such as covering the costs of their children’s education, health insurance and looking after their families. Muhondo not only creates many jobs in this region, but also really cares about its people. In addition to providing support with logistics, seedlings, water supplies and fertilizers, farmers receive valuable training in agricultural practices and can apply for loans.


Country : Rwanda

Region: Gakenke District

Washing Station: Muhondo Washing Station

Producer: Wellars Karangwa

Type of coffee: Arabica

Harvest time: April – June

Harvesting method : “Picking” by hand

Cultivation height : 2000m

Variety: Bourbon / Jackson

Preparation : Fully washed

Grind: Whole Bean

Roastery: KAWA Kaffee Manufaktur

Country of origin: Brazil

Process type: Washed

Taste: Bergamot, Milk Chocolate

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