Roberto Ulloa Espresso

Good for Espresso

Package size, g: 250, 1000


La Divina Providencia farm was acquired 9 years ago by Roberto Ulloa, fourth generation coffee grower, who transformed the farm from an abandoned condition to one of the most productive farms in the Palo de Campana micro region, which is located on the highest slopes near the crater of the Santa Ana volcano.

Since then, Roberto has rejuvenated the land and the trees, planting Kenya, Pacamara and Gesha as well as Red and Orange Bourbon. Roberto uses a tree-training method called ‘parras’ where the leader branch from a pruned trunk is bent almost 90 degrees and four lateral branches build the structure for future growth, transforming the farm completely. Roberto recently won the Cup of Excellence for his Anaerobic Pacamara variety, establishing himself as a front runner in El Salvadoran varietals.

Flavour Notes: Spiced Rum, Figs, Walnut

Origin: Palo Campana – Santa Ana Volcano

Producer: Roberto Ulloa

Farm/Washing Station: Finca Divina Providencia

Processing: Natural

Variety: Red Bourbon

Altitude: 1600 – 1800m

Harvest: March 2021

Grind: Whole Bean

Roastery: Fjord Coffee

Country of origin: El Salvador

Process type: Natural

Taste: Fig