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Known for its beautiful mountains and thermal waters, Mantiqueira de Minas offers the perfect combination of soil fertility and altitude for growing coffee.

Sitio Cachoeirinha is in Lambari in the Oliveira family for several generations. Roberto Carlos, the Strom owner, played in the coffee field as a child before helping his father.

Shortly after taking over the farm – his wife Creuza joined the business, she also came from a family of coffee producers.

Today they pass on their passion and commitment to their two children so that the farm can stay in the family for another generation.

Roberto and Creuza went to great lengths to further develop the farm.

They made and planted their own seedlings, but a hailstorm completely destroyed their experiment two years later.

They started the project again with conviction and commitment. Enjoy your meal!


Country : Brazil

Region: Lambari. Mantiqueira de Minas, Sul de Minas

Producer: Roberto Carlos de Oliveira

Coffee farm: Sitio Cachoeirinha

Type of coffee: Arabica

Harvest time: July – August

Harvesting method : “Picking” by hand

Attachment height : 1,300m

Variety: Red & Yellow Catuai

Processing : natural

Grind: Whole Bean

Roastery: KAWA Kaffee Manufaktur

Country of origin: Brazil

Process type: Natural

Taste: Cherry, Orange

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