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Panama Boquete Garrido

Roastery: Cebe Coffee Roasters

Country of origin: Panama

Process type: Natural

Taste: Apple, Blueberry, Citrus

Grind: Whole Bean

Package size, g: 250, 1000


These coffee beans are picked from the volcancito heights of the Boquete region and we will introduce you to its flavors.
A-Well Balanced coffee with a medium body, a citric acidity and flavors of citrus and dried fruits, blueberries, apple, cocoa and caramel.
This coffee comes from all Garrido family owned farms, all in the Region of Boquete in different micro-regions, the Alto Quien, Volcancito, Alto Lino and Callejón Seco. This coffee is a blend of Estate farms such as Volcancito Estate, Mama Cata Estate, Margarita Estate & Palomar Estate. Teodoro Garrido is the founder of Cafe Garrido as brand nevertheless all these coffee farms where coffee farms before Panama was a country undergoing long ownership and coffee farming stories.

Price: 13.50 €