Nizamu Abamecha

Good for Espresso


Nizamu Abamecha from Ethiopia is the man behind this delightfully fruity and complex natural-processed, aromatic fruit bomb. With flavors of apricots, blackberries, bergamot, strawberries, and black tea, this coffee makes hugs in mugs with all brewing methods.


Mouthwatering and full-bodied. Floral lavender notes combined with peach, rosé wine, and juicy plums. Delicate acidity with high red fruit sweetness.


With milk:

Thick mouthfeel with deep plum and red wine notes, and nice flavor intensity.


The Producer:


Our relationship with Nizamu started on our trip to Ethiopia in early 2020. The goal of this travel was to reach out to independent producers to find outstanding coffee and form direct and transparent long-term relationships.


Like many people in this famous coffee region, Nizamu comes from a long line of small-holder coffee farmers and inherited his farm from his grandfather.

As coffee is an indigenous plant in Ethiopia and it grows in the wild, most farmers have a number of coffee trees growing on their land and thus the farms may have not been specifically coffee farms, but farms with some coffee trees growing among other plants. Many farmers still sell their coffee at the local markets together with their other products for some extra money.


The standard for Ethiopian coffee markets has for a long time been Cooperations – sort of companies formed by multiple (sometimes hundreds) small-holder farmers that together run coffee processing facilities through democratically elected representatives. As farmers join coffee cooperations they get training and education in how to prune and take care of the coffee plants and especially on how and when to pick the cherries for best results. Selling the coffees to cooperations that produce specialty coffee requires more work from the farmer and also brings more money than selling the dried cherries at the local market. But as many cooperation have hundreds of small-holder farmers bringing their cherries to the station the transparency and especially traceability of the coffee is not easy or even possible to achieve.


Nizamu also used to be a part of Duromina, famous cooperation, that we also have worked with multiple times. He was actually acting as the chairman of the Duromina Cooperation for 8 years. After the laws of exporting your coffees in Ethiopia changed he resigned from his position and started working as an independent coffee producer as he wanted to have more control over his own coffee. At the moment he is planning his own washing station.

Grind: Whole Bean

Roastery: Populus Coffee

Country of origin: Ethiopia

Process type: Natural

Taste: Strawberry

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