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Ngororero UZN

Roastery: Populus Coffee

Country of origin: Uganda

Process type: Natural Anaerobic

Taste: Hibiscus, Strawberry

Grind: Whole Bean


Looking for something extra special?

Watermelon, strawberry soda, hibiscus, lollipop, and apricot flavors make this coffee a thing you don’t want to pass. As for all our Rwandan coffees, this also comes from Community Coffee Rwanda – a project operated by the founder Eric Wright and his local team with an aim to bring out outstanding coffee from Rwanda.


The Producer:


CCR operates two washing stations in Karongi and Ngororero district which are not well known for producing exportable coffee. Eric’s aim is to empower the communities close to his stations to focus more on the cultivation and quality leading to higher wages and farm profitability. At the moment CCR works with around 800 smallholder producers who deliver their often unsorted coffee cherries to the washing stations.

To help his pursuit CCR has a team of coffee scouts who help the farmers to improve their techniques and understand the reasons behind defects and plant diseases.  Quality is exactly what CCR stands for. It has a small supply network of roasters that Eric has formed a personal relationship with. Coffee is produced in quality over quantity and lot sizes are often small nano lots. This allows Eric to experiment with processing methods such as anaerobic fermentation, maceration, and yeasts. Effective pre-sorting of uniform coffee cherries as well as vigorous hand sorting of drying coffee play a major role in creating these clean, complex, and elegant lots. All this hard work has paid off, we have never come across as complex and unique cup profiles as what’s been processed by the CCR team.

Since the coffee season only lasts for a few months in a year farmers can’t rely on just coffee as an income. To help people sustain their lives outside the coffee harvest, Eric has a plan to help the community to produce, market, and export other goods like honey wax, and fruits.

Price: 16 €

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