The Laurina variety is extremely rare, naturally low in caffeine, and offers a full, fruity-sweet taste experience. Laurina is a cross between a Mauritanian coffee original variety and the Bourbon Arabica genetics. After the Bourbon Arabica was introduced to Mauritius in the early 18th century, the Laurina plant was first described there in the early 19th century.

Laurina beans contain only 0.3% – 0.7% caffeine, while standard Arabica varieties 1.2% – 1.6% have. Since caffeine acts as a natural protection for coffee plants, Laurina reacts very sensitively to external influences. This is what makes this strain so difficult to successfully grow.

Nevertheless, the variety has found Mierisch their way to Nicaragua to Finca La Escondida family and finally the Berlin roasting 19grams to us, Sortengold.

Farming methods:
“For our Laurina we only use one agrochemical in its harvest cycle. It’s actually more of a repellent than a pesticide, and it’s actually a biological chemical that is an extract of garlic, generic brand name in Nicaragua is Bralic. It’s specifically used to repel the broca bettle. We add a general application in February once the harvest is finished. Another in March that is more targeted to trees with fruits sprouting, and the last application in August. By the time November comes and the harvest begins, we won’t have any issues with pests.

We don’t need many agrochemicals because we graft all our Arabica varieties onto Robusta rootstock. This provides sturdier roots that can absorb nutrients from the soil more effectively, as well as provides natural resistance to nematodes and drought. The best part is that it does not affect the cup quality.”


Grind: Whole Bean

Roastery: Sortengold

Country of origin: Nicaragua

Process type: Honey processing

Taste: White Chocolate, Clementine, Peach

Preparation recommendation: Filter coffee

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