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Roastery: Flying Roasters

Country of origin: Colombia

Process type: Washed

Taste: Caramel, Orange

Variety: Arabica

Grind: Whole Bean

Package size, g: 250, 500

Preparation recommendation: Aeropress, Espresso maker, Moka/Bialetti, Fully automatic machine


It was not until the end of the 1990s that the Jocotoco was discovered in southern Ecuador. This endangered bird lives only in a very specific region in the cloud forest, in an area barely the size of Berlin. In many South American countries, the amazing diversity of animals and plants is severely threatened. Together with the Jocotoco Foundation, we work to protect biodiversity and restore natural ecosystems. For example, trees are planted on coffee plantations and along rivers to recreate and connect habitats.

100 % Colombia, cooperative Fondo Paez, Arabica washed

Cup profile:
Medium acidity with nice caramel and orange notes. Nice creamy mouthfeel, long and pleasant aftertaste.

Recommended for:
It is particularly well suited for espresso machines, AeroPress, fully automated machines, and moka pots.

Whole beans:
Flying Roasters sell their coffee unground as beans so that you can prepare the coffee as freshly as possible. By grinding yourself, you make sure that all the aromas end up in your cup. After just 30 minutes of exposure to air, ground coffee loses a large part of its aroma.

Price: 7.50 €

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