Finca la Rivera Colombia

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Finca La Riviera is located in the village of La Estrella of Santa Rosa de Cabal, a few kilometers northeast of Pereira, the capital Risaralda.

Julio Cesar Madrid Tisnés, is a third generation coffee farmer who is responsible for the management of the family farm. For a long time, Julio has specialized in promoting the production and consumption of quality coffee by growing types of coffee with lower yields but with excellent taste profiles such as Geisha, Red & Pink Bourbon, Laurina, Maragogype, and many more. Julio and his team have not only planted new varieties, they also invest a lot in processing so that they can get the best taste out of every bean. After years of experimentation, one process has particularly established itself:

“Black honey” PROCEDURE

Finca La Riviera has been processing honey processed coffees for almost eight years. It looks like this: only ripe coffee cherries are harvested. A thorough sorting follows to remove all unripe and overripe cherries. After this step, the coffee reaches a temperature between 28 and 30 ° C, as natural fermentation has started. The cherries are then immersed in water tanks at around 15-20 ° C for 12 hours. After the twelve hours, the cherries are pitted but still retain the remains of the sticky pulp, then they are left for another eight hours of fermentation. The pulp is then washed out, and only briefly, as the goal is to keep about 80% of the pulp on the beans.After the 8 hours, the coffee is washed quickly, trying to bind around 80% of the pulp to the coffee, followed by drying. With this technology, Finca La Riviera produces a “black honey”. The drying time is 20 to 25 days, under a film, he is strictly monitored. The coffee is not left in the sun for more than eight hours before starting a 14 hour rest period.

The “black honey” produced in this way has the richest body in terms of taste and is particularly spicy.


Country : Colombia

Region: Santa Rosa de Cabal, Risaralda

Producer: Maria Vides

Coffee farm: Julio César Madrid Tisnés

Type of coffee: Arabica

Harvest time: January – April

Harvesting method : “Picking” by hand

Attachment height : 1,600 – 1,700 m

Variety: Castillo, Caturra

Preparation : Black honey

Grind: Whole Bean

Roastery: KAWA Kaffee Manufaktur

Country of origin: Colombia

Process type: Anaerobic Fermentation

Taste: Sweet

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