Ethiopia Guji Dimtu Tero

Good for Espresso and Filter

Package size, g: 250



The company joined the coffee industry in December 2010 G.C through establishing the Almaz seyoum Beyene coffee exporting company (a sister company) that focuses on buying Arabica coffee and exporting it to different parts of the world. Nowadays, the company (Dimtu coffee industry Plc) is working on both natural and washed coffee types having already constructed a washing station and dry mill at Oddo Shakiso farm and Hambela Wamena district.

Grind: Whole Bean

Roastery: The Visit Coffee Roastery

Country of origin: Ethiopia

Process type: Natural

Taste: Floral, Grapes, Orange

Variety: Heirloom

Preparation recommendation: Aeropress, Cold brew, Filter coffee, Frenchpress, Espresso maker, V60/Kalita, Chemex, Moka/Bialetti, Fully automatic machine

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