Espresso Malabar monsooned

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Package size, g: 250


The Indian region of Malabar in the southwest is one of the first regions where coffee was grown after it arrived in Yemen from the Abyssinian highlands of Ethiopia. The monsooned coffee is exposed to the monsoon rains, giving it its characteristic beige color, which is clearly distinguishable from green raw coffee. The monsooning makes it particularly low in acidity. It is suitable for blending espresso roasts as well as Single Arabica, depending on the roast with a chocolaty or nutty note.

Region: India Bangalore, Misore, Karnataka
Farms: Aspinwall and supplier farms.
Taste: mild, low in acid, cocoa, nutty, sometimes flowery, herbal.

Grind: Whole Bean

Roastery: Mykona Kaffee / Kiez Rösterei

Country of origin: India

Process type: Wet-hulled

Taste: Cacao, Floral, Nutty

Variety: Arabica

Preparation recommendation: Espresso maker, Moka/Bialetti, Fully automatic machine

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