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Cresencio Izaguirre

Roastery: Populus Coffee

Country of origin: Honduras

Process type: Washed

Taste: Cherry

Grind: Whole Bean


A Specialty Coffee from one of Populus’ very first partners, Cresencio Izaguirre from Honduras. His Pacas coffee trees grow high in the steep hills of the Santa Barbara mountain range and brew a cup with soft vanilla, juicy cherry soda, and beautiful floral notes.


Filter coffee: Vanilla, Cherry Soda, Floral notes

The Producer:


Cresencio is a neighbour of the Moreno family and one of the many farmers who has been inspired by them to focus on growing quality coffee.


Cresencio Izaguirre is a second-generation coffee farmer from El Cedral, a small village on the slopes of Santa Barbara. Cresencio regards his ability to continue his parents’ profession to be one of his greatest achievements in his life and his passion for the trade really shines through in his coffees.


His coffee trees grow on steep slopes boasting in sun and wind and accessible only by foot or a mule. Optimal conditions for developing excellent cup notes but extremely challenging ones for farming duties.


Price: 14.50 €

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