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Colombia Refugio Huila Natural

Roastery: Cebe Coffee Roasters

Country of origin: Colombia

Process type: Natural

Taste: Apple, Lemon

Grind: Whole Bean

Package size, g: 200, 1000


The cooperative Cosurca who have been established in Timbio, Cauca for 25 years and are committed to helping the communities prosper in this region. The Cooperative have several programs with a real focus especially on empowering their members with education and training.

On the farm the coffee is planted among banana and fruit trees which help to provide shade. During the harvest from May to September the coffee is hand-picked every 8 days and then pulped on the same day of collection. The coffee is then left to ferment for 12-15 hours in concrete tanks before then being washed and then dried in a parabolic drier for 8 – 10 days.