CoE #2 Luis Orlando Sanchez Geisha Filter Coffee

Good for Filter

Package size, g: 250, 1000


The small but impecable processing equipment at the top of the farm shines with fresh life at the end of every use as Don Luis and his employees understand that in order to create a clean coffee it must be grown and processed in a clean envirnoment.

This year Luis Orlando’s washed Geisha took second place at the Colombia Cup of Excellence competition and we are more than excited to be able to share it with you!

Flavour Notes: Honeysuckle, Strawberry, Bergamot

Origin: Palestina, Huila, Colombia

Producer: Luis Orlando Sanchez

Processing: Fully Washed

Variety: Geisha

Altitude: 1900m

Roast Profile: Filter Coffee

Grind: Whole Bean

Roastery: Fjord Coffee

Country of origin: Colombia

Process type: Washed

Taste: Bergamot, Strawberry