Picking coffee berries

“Picking coffee berries”

The work depicts a woman collecting coffee, I wanted to convey the state of a sunny day, the warmth of nature, and the process of work. Plunge into the idyll and harmony of nature and man. I wanted to show that the coffee harvest, which takes place according to all the rules and with care for the environment, as well as care and honest payment of plantation workers, looks like this. For work, I used bright and juicy colors that will help to transfer into the atmosphere of summer and warmth. The painting is made with acrylic, the background is made in watercolor technique, and already the foreground is worked out in more detail with dense strokes in order to keep the viewer’s attention on the main characters of the painting. The green color in this picture brings harmony, tranquility, and joy, the bright scarlet color of coffee berries reflects the unique taste of coffee. Enjoying a cup of hot coffee, you can feel the warmth of the sun, thanks to which the berries ripened, the care of the hands that collected the coffee and made it possible that, for example, a person being in gray rainy, and dank weather, could feel the hot warming taste and magical aroma of the coffee, which gives people cheerfulness and joy from the very beginning of a new day.

Canvas, acrylic, size 30×40 cm

Price 250 euros


instagram @mari_kunstlerin

telegram +491753747105

Whatsapp +79104475600


Featured coffee


Specialty coffee from Ecuador,
roasted by MishkiYAKU.
Good for Espresso and Filter.

18.55€ Add to cart
Brazil Santos

Specialty coffee from Brazil,
roasted by Tom’s Kaffeerösterei.
Good for Espresso and Filter.

6.90€ Add to cart

Specialty coffee from Colombia,
roasted by Cafe Misiones.
Good for Espresso and Filter.


Specialty coffee from Colombia,
roasted by Cafe Misiones.
Good for Espresso and Filter.

April 10th. Barista Basic Training Course for Ukrainian refugees!

FreshBean, together with Kiez Roastery, will organize free barista courses for refugees from Ukraine.

When: April 10th, at 11:00.
Where: Kiez Rösterei K61, Gneisenaustraße 68, 10961 Berlin.

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The second fundraising event!

On Saturday, March 19th, the association of Berlin roasters will organize the second fundraising event! We will sell Specialty Coffee to support Ukrainian refugees 🇺🇦

When: March 19th, from 10:00 until 18:00.
Where: Markthalle Neun, Eisenbahnstraße 42/43, 10997 Berlin.

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Coffee Art Exhibition

Opening on Sunday, 6th of March, at 16:00
At 19 grams Specialty Coffee coffeeshop
Address: Schlesische Str 38, Berlin

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