German Aeropress Championship 2021

Five Elephant Berlin certainly makes a trumpeting roar for all coffee champs and enthusiasts to clamor over. 

After a year of social distancing when coffee lovers would be tipping their warm cups together, Five Elephant reintroduced the Aeropress Championship competition to revitalize the coffee scene in Berlin.

Imagine a routine task such as making Aeropress coffee that for many of us is a soothing or luxurious delight, but for baristas – is a sport!

It all happened on Saturday, October 9, 2021, at Glogauerstr. 6. Baristas were required to bring their own equipment, as they were only provided the coffee beans and one pre-heated cup in their individual bean lab. They are judged on everything! Water, filter, roast, temperature, temping, leveling, and of course brewing. 

The room is filled with the clangs of porcelain and sipping sounds. Finally, 36 baristas from all over Germany, who are keen on intricate flavor profile details and unique latte art, had a new chance to rival the noiselessness in Berlin as well as each other. Someone would claim the bronze, silver, and gold-plated trophies.

As for judging, prepare for the heat! If the pre-warmed cup lost some heat, affecting the temperature and taste would not go unnoticed by the panel of judges, who were the previous Aeropress champions in earlier years. 

Judges who know first-hand how grueling the process of Aeropress precision is, will not (go easy) be lax on any barista going to be called the 2021 Germany Aeropress Champion. And the judges will not forget to judge which Aeropress coffee is the worst! – let’s hope that doesn’t mean bad. 

In the end, a Hamburger named Carlo took the gold trophy. This champ can be found on Instagram under his handle that suggests his real alias @milk.elangelo

Congrats to Karsten Bosche for taking the silver, and Farshid, who has worked with FreshBean in Berlin previously on the route to connecting over the beans that bind us socially, on winning the bronze in the Aeropress Championship. 

Five Elephant & FreshBean appreciate all the baristas in Berlin – the work you do, but mainly the love you pour into it. 

We hope to encourage a bigger crowd for the next championship event, abundant connections, and that feeling where art meets science and they both taste great!

Featured coffee


Specialty coffee from Ecuador,
roasted by MishkiYAKU.
Good for Espresso and Filter.

18.55€ Add to cart
Brazil Santos

Specialty coffee from Brazil,
roasted by Tom’s Kaffeerösterei.
Good for Espresso and Filter.

6.90€ Add to cart

Specialty coffee from Colombia,
roasted by Cafe Misiones.
Good for Espresso and Filter.


Specialty coffee from Colombia,
roasted by Cafe Misiones.
Good for Espresso and Filter.

April 10th. Barista Basic Training Course for Ukrainian refugees!

FreshBean, together with Kiez Roastery, will organize free barista courses for refugees from Ukraine.

When: April 10th, at 11:00.
Where: Kiez Rösterei K61, Gneisenaustraße 68, 10961 Berlin.

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The second fundraising event!

On Saturday, March 19th, the association of Berlin roasters will organize the second fundraising event! We will sell Specialty Coffee to support Ukrainian refugees 🇺🇦

When: March 19th, from 10:00 until 18:00.
Where: Markthalle Neun, Eisenbahnstraße 42/43, 10997 Berlin.

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Coffee Art Exhibition

Opening on Sunday, 6th of March, at 16:00
At 19 grams Specialty Coffee coffeeshop
Address: Schlesische Str 38, Berlin

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