Postponed: Coffee Workshop by Hacienda Misiones

Welcome to the world wonderful world of Colombian coffee farm Hacienda Misiones!

FreshBean is once again partnering with Cafe Misiones for their first spring event!

For the workshop, you’ll find yourself in the atmospheric showroom of Misiones Warehouse Berlin. The operator of the farm’s own import warehouse Michael Tauchert has designed this workshop for coffee lovers. During the workshop, you will get to know and taste the complete spectrum of Hacienda Misiones coffees. The varieties Java, Sudan Rume and Geisha, and many others that grow on the farm will be tested and the production and processing process will be explained in detail.

Michael will share his life-changing travels to the exotic rainforests of South America and highlight the key differences between the various processing and varieties. In addition, there are deep insights into Colombian coffee culture and its connection with the culture there.

What we offer:

  • Cultural educational event about coffee 
  • Tasting of different types of coffee.
  • Demonstration of the mastery of coffee roasting.
  • Professional coffee photography session.
  • Coffee bean gift.
  • German language
  • Group of 6-8 people 
  • Duration 3-4 hours

What you will learn:

  • The history of coffee.
  • The history of the coffee farm.
  • Coffee production steps.
  • What makes the coffee drink so unique.
  • How beans are roasted.
  • How to choose the right beans for yourself and for the gift.
  • How to prepare the perfect coffee.

What you need:

  • We’d love to know what kind of coffee you usually drink. Feel free to take a photo of your previous coffee choices and bring it to our event.
  • Be sure not to drink coffee just before the event or drink coffee with low caffeine.
  • 2G+ Rules Event: vaccinated, recovered + boosted or tested negative.

Where: Misiones Cafe Engeldamm 30, 10179 Berlin, Germany.

When: Postponed to April. More information will come soon.

Cost per person: 60 Euro

Tickets are currently unavailable.

Read about the previous workshop here

Featured coffee


Specialty coffee from Ecuador,
roasted by MishkiYAKU.
Good for Espresso and Filter.

18.55€ Add to cart
Brazil Santos

Specialty coffee from Brazil,
roasted by Tom’s Kaffeerösterei.
Good for Espresso and Filter.

6.90€ Add to cart

Specialty coffee from Colombia,
roasted by Cafe Misiones.
Good for Espresso and Filter.


Specialty coffee from Colombia,
roasted by Cafe Misiones.
Good for Espresso and Filter.

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