Coffee-Romantic, by Kristina Goncharuk

“Coffee-Romantic ” 

Pastell, Paper Canson mi-teintes, Passepartout, Rahmen. 


Goncharuk Kristina

1pc/ 150€

Detailed Description

There are many legends about coffee, but today I want to reveal the romantic side of it.

My pictures about

“Coffee Romance”

Do you know about fortune telling on coffee ground? Today I want to offer you other kind of coffee magic -make a wish! For example…

Living with your man and creating a family, you live through various situations together (joys, anxieties, quarrels, reconciliations, etc.), but looking at the picture, you realize how good it would be to walk hand in hand with each other and drink aromatic coffee and forget about all the problems. Remember the young years, understand that you both deserve such a relationship.

Or without a spouse, look at the picture and think of a man with whom you will go hand in hand ….

Do you understand?

It’s not just drinking coffee – it’s a lifetime.

The second picture can be seen in different ways. But also make a wish that you have (will have) such a relationship. Care, pleasant evenings with aromatic coffee, where you and only you, and let the whole world around wait.

While painting these works, I lived every stroke, every moment …. my husband was bringing me coffee 😍

Paintings “Coffee romance”

Pastel. Paper Canson mi-teintes

A3 format + passe-partout and frame.

1pc/ 150€

Available prints from these paintings:

Postcards – 1pc/2€

Shoppers – 1 pc. /10€


Kristina Goncharuk.


Instagram: art_goncharukkristina

WhatsApp: +4916094844910

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