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Who we are

FreshBean is a Berlin-based startup. Currently, we are developing an MVP and invite everyone to participate!

The main idea behind the project is to help people discover and learn about the coffee they are drinking. The FreshBean app will allow users to search or scan coffee packages for product descriptions, ratings, and feedback from other consumers. Find roasters, coffee shops, and cafes nearby.

Benefits for roasters:
- New customers
- Increase in sales
- Promotion for cafe and coffee products
- Healthy traffic towards coffee resources.

Benefits for users:
- Discover new roasters and coffees
- Learn about coffee you are drinking
- Get vouchers and discount codes
- Know first when a new coffee variety launches.

Let's grow the coffee community together!

Our Mission

FreshBean helps to learn about coffee beans and how to identify the better coffee.

Our Coffee Stories

Anastasiia Miroshnichenko


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Anastasiia is a born coffee lover. At age 12, she was introduced to different coffee roasts in Kiev with her father. Already finding the natural coffee aroma enticing, coffee appealed to Anastasiia all the more when she realised she could choose her favourite out of 20 coffee bean types from exotic countries she had only heard of. After getting a taste of their bean culture, Anastasiia became an avid coffee drinker.

No matter the task Anastasiia is a go-getter who gets things done. Her motto is “No coffee, no business.” Maybe, it is not surprising that her daily cup(s) of coffee is still the most romanticised part of her day.

Sarina Crivello

Content Director

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Sarina grew up in San Francisco, California. Raised in a Sicilian household, home often teemed with the addictive aroma purchased at the local Italian coffee shop full of imported coffee beans. “My mother would send me to the shop once a month to ask specifically for the ‘Dark Roast for the Mocha’. I had no idea what that meant but I loved holding that bag of coffee grinds to my nose all the way home.”

Although drinking espresso was a staple, other pleasantries included coffee flavoured cakes, cookies, candies, and of course gelato.

But as a young adult in California, Sarina only drank coffee as most lay people do - to stay alert enough to seamlessly function, thinking coffee should be used on a need-to basis. After moving to Berlin, where the coffee culture is popping, Sarina dropped the habit of drinking coffee for “practical” reasons, and turned on to coffee beans for the reasons it is a world unto itself. Now she reminisces over the delights she had as a young child in her family rituals.

Jane Yanes

Art Director

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My coffee story begins with my first job as a barista as I was a student. Working with coffee, you see the magic from the other side: why do people love coffee so much? It's not just a drink or a drug. It's more of being in the moment, a ritual, a special time for yourself.

Of course, I became a coffee lover. Now, after many years, I'm an artist and photographer, but I still love coffee so much! I'm happy to connect my professional skills with my passion and be part of FreshBean, taking responsibility for visual presentation and content making for our project.

Artem Miroshnichenko

Front-end Developer / Quality assurance

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Artem is yet to start drinking coffee. But as far back as he can remember, he always liked the smell of coffee. His father always brought different varieties of coffee from different countries, and all of them had their distinctive smell.

In the mornings Artem is used to waking up to the smell of coffee coming from the kitchen, his dad being a fan of tradition has always used a cezve as his preferred way of making coffee. The cultural significance of coffee in different cultures cannot be understated, and Artem was always fascinated to learn about different customs and methods of preparing coffee and the outcomes that they produce.