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Connecting coffee lovers with their beans!

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Is your coffee OK? It could be better!

You drink coffee to jump-start your day, finish your work on time, or just because you want to enjoy. Know which beans bring out the best in you.

FreshBean aims to:

- Simplify the coffee bean selection process.
- Clarify where the coffee beans come from - bean facts and flavors.
- Verify quality coffee and share with others!

I love to drink coffee! Moreover, I'm always looking for the best one. The issue is, there are many coffee packages in the coffee shop, and every time it's like buying a pig in a poke.


How it works

  • 1Take a photo of any coffee bean package and click search(Feature coming soon)
  • 2Discover and learn about the coffee you are drinking
  • 3Find the coffee roaster nearby
  • 4Collect points and exchange them for vouchers

Our Advantages

Coffee Variety

FreshBean app allows users to scan a coffee beans package to get a product description and discover new roasters. Users can rate and leave feedback to help other users find the best coffee.

Find the best coffee

Possibility to compare different types of coffee. See the ratings and read comments.

Approach the roast

FreshBean map pinpoints local coffee bean roasters. Showing you what coffee beans they sell, their rating, and feedback from the other users.